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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is telehealth safe and secure?

Elevate Mental Wellness uses a HIPAA compliant platform to ensure the privacy and safety of your personal information. 

  • How does therapy work?

The goal of therapy is to help improve symptoms of many mental health conditions. In therapy, people will learn how to cope with symptoms, establish coping skills and attend therapy sessions base on their needs. 

  • What can I expect from my first therapy session?

  • What is telehealth therapy?

We will take the first session to assess your unique situation and specific reasons for seeking therapy or other services. We will determine if EMW areas of expertise are the right fit for you. If so, we can discuss what treatment or services will look like for you. If we feel that EMW cannot provide you with the highest level of care, we will provide you with appropriate referrals to meet your specific needs.

Tele-health is a form of video conferencing allowing  to provide services to patients outside of the office, for example, at the patient's home or workplace. Telehealth therapy at Elevate Mental Wellness is delivered through a HIPPA compliant two-way communication, live and interactive video combined with audio.

  • Can I book a therapy session if I live in another state?

We provide virtual therapy in the states of Oklahoma and Texas at this time only.

  • What is therapy?

  • Do you take insurance? 

Elevate Mental Wellness is private-pay based and accepts HealthChoice insurance for Oklahoma residents only. We made this decision due to a number of factors including rate of reimbursement, privacy, and other limitation issues. If you are using private insurance, you may opt-out of using your health insurance plan and pay out of pocket.

  • How long will therapy take?

Psychotherapy, or therapy, involves treating mental health concerns and behavioral problems through communication, relationship factors, and skill-building by a qualified mental health professional. 

  • What method of payments do you accept?

We accept HSA/ FSA accounts, debit and all major credit cards, A credit card on file is required to book an appointment. Please note we do *not* accept cash or checks.

Therapy is different for each person therefore, it is impossible to say how long it will take. In the first few sessions, we will work together to establish goals and assess for progress regularly in order to ensure we are on the right path

  • How does confidentiality work?

Everything that is said during a therapy session is completely confidential with three exceptions: 1) if a child is in danger, 2) if you are in danger of harming yourself, or 3) if you are planning on harming another person.

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